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Speedboat ride (departure from Porto dos Tatus), 

along the Parnaíba River and visit the Igarapés and embark on an unforgettable journey by speedboat along the Parnaíba River, exploring the Igarapés of the Delta. Spot majestic alligators in their natural habitat. . Get ready to be enchanted and create unique memories on this incredible tour.


Faça Sua Reserva

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Experience a unique moment of connection with nature on the Night Safari. The starting point is at Porto das Barca, then we will leave for the stunning Igarapé dos Periquitos, where we will have the opportunity to see animals such as monkeys and exotic birds, then we will go to Morro Branco for a delicious swim in the fresh waters of Parnaíba River. 

Finally, we will continue to discover the unparalleled beauty of the Igaraçu River, where we will make the most special stop on this tour to view the alligators, all with total respect and environmental responsibility!


⚓First Stop: Igarapé dos Periquitos (animal viewing)

Second Stop: Morro Branco  

Third Stop: Igaraçu River (alligator viewing)

Frequency: Daily
Departure: 6:30 pm approx.
Duration: approx 2h.

Up to 5 people:R$ 1,129.00
Up to 7 people:R$ 1,801.00
Up to 10 people:R$ 2,252.00
Up to 14 people:R$ 2,625.00

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