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Sagio Turismo, led by Cláudia, an Empretec student at Sebrae, aims to exceed customer expectations. With transfers, shared and private tours, low-cost packages and high added value on the Rota das Emoções, including destinations such as Santo Amaro and Barreirinhas, the company seeks to provide memorable experiences for its customers. Fluent in English and Spanish, Cláudia also serves international clients. With more than 70 products in its portfolio and 45 strategic partnerships, Sagio Turismo covers a wide area of the region, including headquarters in Parnaíba-PI, Jericoacoara-CE, Barra Grande-PI, Santo Amaro and Barreirinhas. Additionally, Claudia worked on international cruises for Carnival Cruises Lines, visiting 42 places outside Brazil, 250 cities in Brazil and 19 states in Brazil.

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