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Full day tour. Departing from Barreirinhas at 8:30 am. Being done by flying boat along the Preguiças river. 

Head towards Vassouras beach, it takes an average of 40 minutes to reach this first stop, there you can learn a little about the region's fauna and flora, and come into contact with the capuchin monkeys that have inhabited the region for many years.

The stopping time is 30 minutes and then continues to Mandacaru, a fishing village famous for having a lighthouse with 160 steps, where, depending on the period, visitors can climb and take panoramic photos of the region. Stopping time is 30 minutes.

Then head to Caburé beach where you will stop for lunch (not included in the tour price) and where you can also swim on the beach.

The stay is 2 hours, you can enjoy the beach, and at around 2:30 pm return to Barreirinhas with expected arrival at 3:30 pm.

NOTE: Price subject to change depending on the number of people.

R$120.0 (per person)


Lagoa Bonita Circuit

The tour leaves at 2:00 pm, with a quick stop to purchase water and snacks (own expense).

Afterwards, head to one of the ferries for the crossing, which lasts 5 to 8 minutes, where everyone gets out of the car and, after crossing, gets on again to take a 1h20m trail along the region's sandbank until reaching the beginning of the dunes where the cars are located and Everyone climbs the first dune on foot, it is around 64m high, the view from the top is worth every step.

On this circuit you will see three lagoons with a stop for swimming at each of them. The return is after sunset at approximately 5:45 pm, soon after everyone boards the vehicle again and heads back to Barreirinhas arriving at 6:30 pm.


NOTE: Price subject to change depending on the number of people.

R$120.0 (per person)





Available at two times:

Morning: departure at 9am, arrival in Barreirinhas at 1pm.

Afternoon: departure at 2pm, arrival in Barreirinhas at 7pm.


The tour begins by leaving the hotel or guesthouse in Barreirinhas, in a 4x4 vehicle, with a break at a supermarket to buy snacks (water, soft drinks, cookies, etc.), then the journey continues with the crossing on a ferry across the preguiças river. Just 3 minutes, the car follows the 40-minute trail route until we reach the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.


NOTE: Price subject to change depending on the number of people.

R$120.0 (per person)


This tour is part-time, leaving at 8:30 am. The route follows the MA225 for approximately 20km then enters the town of Passagem do Canto, from there it is approximately 20 minutes by road to reach the town of Cardosa.

Arriving in the town, there is a stop at the restaurant where you can order something to eat, while it is being prepared you can enjoy the float ride down the Formiga River. 

It takes approximately 1 hour to descend through the translucent water river where in some sections we can see the bottom of the river. After the route you can have a quick snack (not included in the tour price) and then return to Barreirinhas at around 12:00 pm with an estimated arrival time of 1:00 pm.


NOTE: Price subject to change depending on the number of people.

R$120.0 (per person)

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